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What is Stefon.Diggs?

What is Stefon.Diggs?

A common question we hear about our new shows is, “What is Stefon.Diggs?” Following up on our recent episode where we discussed the story of Stefon Diggs, comedian, and actor, he explained that he doesn’t have a real name, he’s just a famous musician. Check out his full spoken word impressions of all the cast members from “MADtv” here: Working with the cast of “MADtv” has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my career so far. They are a tight-knit bunch, who do what they do with an 11-year-old pixie budget (I love these kids), and really enjoy themselves too! I couldn’t be more excited to work with them again on this new season, and hope you can catch it as soon as possible!

What is Stefon.Diggs?

A common question we hear about our new shows is, “What is Stefon.Diggs?” following our “MADtv” interview, the internet searched for “what is Stefon” and provided plenty of examples, so we thought we’d start a FAQ to help explain who he is and what he does. What is Stefon?Diggs? The name “Stevon” is actually an anagram of “Teff”, so if you’re looking for a character that shares his name, you’ve found it! A comedian who can make accents and tell jokes out of anything, Stefon Diggs’s career has taken him from stand-up to leading roles in movies, to guest spots on TV. The Tragedy of “MADtv” One of the most interesting things about “MADtv” was the dramatic turn of events that led to the cast and crew taking the plunge into podcasting. We’ve found that it’s a great way to get a fresh perspective on the show (as well as the cast and crew), while still maintaining the original and engaging format. We recorded the first season of “MADtv” in its entirety as a podcast, and then as a television series, which is what we’re focusing on this season. We hope you enjoy the new experience, and look forward to hearing your feedback on the series as it unfolds.

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Having been in the entertainment business for almost 40 years, and having done a few stand-up tours (and one TV show), the knowledge and skills that Stefon Diggs has hones are second to none. Being able to perform at medium- and high-pitch levels, playing multiple instruments, and having a great sense for rhythms and cadence is what makes Stefon Diggs a great comedian. Taking on topics that are often too serious for television, such as environmental issues, mental health, and violence against women, he has always managed to bring a smile to your face, even in his highest-risk situations.

Final Words – What do you make of this new season of MADtv?

Hilarious, insightful, and full of fresh perspectives (and often insecurities), “MADtv” is a show that will be missed. The new season is packed with new characters, situations, and material (regardless of whether you’re a longtime “MADtv” fan or not) that will continue to give us plenty to think about, while placing a spotlight on the cast and crew as well. “MADtv” returns to TV screens this fall as “The Mad CADDY,” a new series that follows the CADDY, who stars as a fictional comedian and is the central character of “MADtv”.

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