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Mobile App UX Design Trends to Follow in 2022

Mobile App UX Design Trends to Follow in 2022

The first impression of any app is its UI/UX design. It engages the users of the brand. Thus, makes the journey of the user in the app smoother. Further, it results in the ROI of your mobile app. Hence, if you opt for a great UI design that has engaging content and client-centric, nothing can stop the success.

You cannot deny that the panorama of UX Design is frequently transforming. New elements are introduced almost every minute. In short, this has impacted other areas of the industry.

So, it is always good that you hire UI/UX designers from leading service providers. They will have experience in working and developing for different niches. These proficient specialists are technically there in the market. They will have deep knowledge of what will work best and implement the right strategies.

Nowadays, businesses are looking for every alternative to target their potential audience. Reportedly, LinkedIn listed this UX design trend as one of the best skills to learn in the year 2020. The combination of UX design with mobile apps is something that users love.

The list of importance of UX design i mobile app development is never-ending. Below, we have listed some of the importance are mentioned:

  • Captivating and engaging users
  • Boosting your brand
  • Conserves time and cost
  • Help understand your audience
  • Enhance customer satisfaction and many more.

UX Design Trends That You Should Follow in 2021


In 2021, the personalization of mobile apps will earn more momentum. A customized UX is becoming imperative for mobile app development. The broad technologies AL and AI are making seamless customization.

You can go for stream services such as SoundCloud or YouTube. Here, AI will evaluate the choice of the user. And, then will recommend the content accordingly. Moreover, bucket and fitness list apps also provide a personalized experience to the user.


Voice interaction has grown a lot in recent years. It makes the search for information or other requirements a lot easier. You do not have to tap for manual searches.  With the help of AI, voice speech in UX design is used in many leading products. These products include Apple Siri, Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, and many other brands. Moreover, voice assistants have been in trend since 2016.

The goal is to make solving problems easier without complacency. Moreover, voice interactions are user-friendly and don’t require any effort. This feature of voice speech or interaction is booming in the tech market.


Animation’s primary goal is to make navigation a lot easier and more fun. It makes an application appear alluring. It will not appear like just any boring texts. Animation plays a huge role in the marketing of your products and services. And it is a fundamental component of your branding. The motion says a lot about your brand as well as the products. So applications should include animation for better performance and captivating users.

3D graphics give your designs a new look. But these graphics are not just meant for decoration and attracting the users. But provide a clear functional purpose. The inclusion of 3D graphics has caused drastic growth in recent months.

In short, 3D can engage the user. Thus, makes the product more alluring.


Dark themes are experiencing a rise in mobile apps. These themes benefit in conserving battery life by using fewer light pixels. This will cause less strain to the human eyes which will be very comforting for the users. Also, dark themes modify the screen lighting condition.


Augmented reality has been in the tech world for a long time. But in 2021, it seems to enhance its growth drastically. It involves genuine user association with the product or service provided. AR and VR have shown a lot of dominance in different arrays of industries. These industries include education, entertainment, retail, media, commerce, etc.

AR and VR both have been adopted by UX designers. They have implemented this for the better realistic performance of applications. This technology has enabled the components digitally in real-time.


UX design has made it easier for differently-abled people. It has made them work on applications without any hesitation. This design features include:

  • Screen for blind people by text read-aloud button.
  • Setting vibration for notifications, alerts, and feedback.
  • Captions in audio and video content.
  • Voice input.
  • Gesture identification, and many more.


Passwordless sign-in has become popular nowadays. Remembering passwords have always been difficult for many. This technology has led to the advancement of facial identification and fingerprint features.

Both these aspects work quite efficiently in applications. These days developers are increasing the inclusion of facial id and fingerprint usage. It has added convenience for users. They do not have to worry about passwords.


This is the most-sought trend for modern users. Both iOS and Android flagships characterize rounded corners.

After all, the curved corner of the device is reflected in its UI design. Hence, all apps should have a similar rounded feel and appearance. It will create an impact on the UX positively.

The rounded corners appear serene to the eyes. It helps to process the data efficiently.


Gradients will add a brand new essence in 2021. However, gradients are more related to vibrant shades. They are used in the background. This feature endeavors clear sources of light.

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There are numerous service providers for the development of mobile apps in the market. They have earned a name for building great mobile apps with UX design trends. We hope these trends can boost your business in the best way.

The future of User experience is more likely to change. Self-taught machines perhaps will soon illiterate 1000 times faster.

If you are looking for unique UX design mobile app trends, then you must hire a mobile app development company. They will offer solutions on the latest trend that you must follow in 2021. These professionals will implement solutions that will establish your business among your peers.


The author is a UX/UI designer and Graphic designer, in MobileCoderz Technologies Pvt. Ltd., a leading mobile app development company. He is experienced in the design world helping businesses promote themselves efficiently. He understands the importance of users in any business and works in taking care of the needs of the customers by delivering efficient applications.

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