5 Tips for Better Laptop Performance

Imagine you need to work on an important task and your laptop takes an eternity to open the simplest of applications. It happens mostly at the time when you need your laptop the most. You may have already experienced this type of frustration before. Even if that’s not the case, you may still want to improve your laptop’s performance.

Oftentimes when attending a Zoom meeting, the experience gets choppy. If you have a good Internet connection like Spectrum Internet plans or some other, there could be other reasons why your device is acting up. Dig into this blog to increase your laptop’s performance.

Disable Startup Programs  

Startup programs are the ones that start on their own when you turn on your laptop. These apps can be your Spotify, Steam, or any other applications. The problem with background applications is that they need resources to work which means lesser resources left for your computer to work on other tasks.

The simplest of fixes in this situation is to just disable startup programs. If you want to listen to music while working, you open the Spotify application on your own. But disabling the startup programs is an easy way to avoid delayed responses from your laptop.

To disable apps, press the Shift, Ctrl, and Esc keys together. This will open the task manager. Select startup and find programs that you want to block from opening. Right-click on a program and select Disable. Restart your laptop and your device will feel faster than before.

Uninstall Applications  

Applications on your device use up both your RAM and storage. When you have a speced device, it is best to not load it up with tons of applications that you are not even going to use. A simple solution is to simply delete the applications you seldom use.

Just go to the control panel on your laptop. Click on Uninstall a program option under the Programs icon. Select the uninstall option that appears next as well. Restart your laptop and it will start to feel lighter.

Close Unnecessary Browser Tabs 

A lot of people have the habit of opening multiple tabs on their browsers. One could podcast playing on it, a few others can be some websites, and one or two may be web applications. For some users, the same is true but on multiple browser windows and tens of tabs. All this puts a significant load on your laptop. Even new devices with the best tech can get slow if you have similar browsing habits.

The solution is quite simple. Make sure you don’t have a lot of tabs open for no reason at all. Preferably use one or max two browser windows.

Free Up Storage 

A major reason for a choppy experience on laptops, PCs, and even mobile phones is often because of low storage. Even when you are not downloading any new applications, updates for your existing applications and cached data can take up a lot of your SSD space. (Tip: if your device has HDD storage, upgrade it to SSD or NVMe for better performance.)

You can start by uninstalling applications that are sitting idle on your device. It could be a game you never felt like playing or anything like that. After that, consider deleting photos and videos. If you want to keep the photos but still free up space, you can get space on Microsoft or Google’s cloud where you can store up to five to fifteen gigs of data for free. You can stretch it up to more than a hundred gigs by subscribing to a paid plan. This way you can save photos and free space.

Lastly, if your device has a low-storage SSD, like with 64 or 128 gigs, consider getting a new SSD. Otherwise, you will have to keep clearing storage every now and then.

Update Your Windows 

Often you haven’t installed updates for a while, your laptop may feel laggy. New updates also save your PC against known threats. So, there are more reasons for you to not delay your Windows updates. Let your PC shut down every now and then to let the updates install.


So, these are some easy tips you can follow to improve your laptop’s performance without breaking the bank. Start following today and see the difference.

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