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Easy Galley Kitchen Renovation Ideas For Your Home

Easy Galley Kitchen Renovation Ideas For Your Home

Do you plan to renovate your galley kitchen? These tiny kitchens have been part of many residential homes for centuries. Credit goes to the efficiency and functionality of these spaces that don’t get threatened by the small size. After all, these kitchens draw inspiration from the design concepts of ships, trains, and aircraft where food preparations happen in a tiny area.  A narrow and long kitchen like this includes cabinetry, counters, and other service areas in the central walkways to cater to the daily food and drink needs. You can access almost everything within walking distance.

However, despite all the positives, some galley kitchens suffer the problems of clutter and cramping. Some can even look darker, which cannot be a good thing for any part of the house. If your kitchen is the victim of the same thing, it is legit to think about remodeling. You can change it entirely through the choice of lighting, cabinets, racks, and other elements while aligning its décor with different corners of your home. Here are some recommendations in this regard.



In terms of aesthetics and functions, any kitchen needs to maintain a work triangle, which advocates dedicating one corner to the appliances and cabinets and the other to the worktop for chores. For example, designers tell people that they don’t have to get rid of the entire wall to keep their galley kitchen open. Instead, they can keep the space above their kitchen counter clear to do away with the impact of the hallway. It also allows easy demarcation of kitchen and dining room boundaries while helping them remain connected. Such arrangements can be a visual treat even in a tiny corner.

Another thing is the wall that creates dead space. Some people leave it untouched. But you can make it an integral part of the kitchen by installing a stove there. The design will more probably have a U-turn format. You can imagine this setup for a kitchen without a window. However, when designing a galley with a pull-down faucet and sink, cabinets, stove area, and others in this style, you must be careful about the choice of lighting. Keep every spot well illuminated with pendant lights, task lights, etc.

Color and Lighting

As hinted already, after creating an open space in the galley kitchen, you have to choose the right colors and lighting fixtures to leverage the layout. Since brightness infuses a sense of height and length, you can add lights and colors that enhance it more. For example, you can paint your cabinets white. However, it doesn’t have to be plain and dull. You can introduce darker accents through backsplash and decorative items to lend a signature feel to the kitchen environment.  When it comes to painting precisely, galley kitchens see rising demand for color blocking. In this, cabinets usually get a contrasting shade. If you want to ditch this, another option is color blocking the walls.

Nevertheless, the color block technique is most suitable for kitchens without overhead cabinets. You can color walls in a darker hue and base cabinets in lighter shades for a statement. Since small kitchens give you the freedom with lighting styles, you can use pendant lights and under-cabinet LED lights to maximize the design.

A galley kitchen that receives natural light because of a large window tends to be quite advantageous. So you don’t need to cover that area. However, due to privacy challenges at night, you may want to do something about it. In that case, sheer curtains can come in handy. Nobody would get a clear view of your house from outside while the cooking zone continues to attract filtered light.

Some modern galley kitchens like to tap into dark and dramatic combinations by incorporating dark cabinets. But small kitchens with dark cabinets can create a sense of crowding without proper light. So, if you plan to do something of this sort, take care of the lighting part without a miss.


A galley kitchen remodels effort can be more challenging as you would want to have everything regardless of the smaller square footage. With lights and colors, you can lend a sense of spaciousness to this place. But the actual effect will come from the positioning and makeup of the cabinets. For optimum organization, you can go for tray dividers, wire racks, pull-out spice racks, and others. You can invest in stackable glass canisters too. If you cannot add a kitchen island, you can bring a bar cart to secure extra counter space.

Or, you can look for empty walls for open shelving. Open shelves not only expand your storage area but also bless your kitchen with spaciousness. If you have some choicest appliance and accessory collections, there is no better way you can ask for to display them than this. A floor-to-ceiling cabinet without doors can be a clever addition in terms of maintenance also. It will not allow the dust to accumulate over it like the regular cupboards. Plus, they give your space a more elongated illusion.

In essence, you must try to utilize every inch without causing crowding in the space. Whether or not you are a home chef, a galley kitchen can be your favorite thing in the house if planned well, as you only have to stretch your arms to get quick access to whatever you need.

Usually, homeowners don’t like the idea of a galley kitchen; after all, who would not desire to have a sprawling space at their disposal. But, then, ease of movement and activities also play a more significant role. Still the rise of this kitchen in modern designs for whatever reasons is a hint that there is something valuable about it. For example, you can think of instant relief from daily cleaning jobs in the kitchen due to the smaller area. You don’t have to spend hours to keep everything spic and span. At the same time, the closeness of the three elements of the kitchen work triangle helps you reach all the corners without having to rush.

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