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What Is the Size of a Shipping Container?

What Is the Size of a Shipping Container?

One of the nation’s premier suppliers and distributors of used shipping containers is Usedconex. We have close relationships with shipping companies and manufacturers that transport thousands of containers into the nation daily. We have the greatest quality shipping containers at the most competitive pricing since we acquire new and old containers in large quantities and store them at some of the largest depots around the nation.

Why Standard Shipping Container Dimensions Are Crucial?

Let’s speak about standardization before we get into the various container dimensions, kinds, and applications. For what reasons is it important that cargo containers be standardized?

Nearly 90% of the world’s cargo is delivered by ocean liners, the vast majority of which is in shipping containers. It’s for this reason that shipping containers, essentially large metal boxes, are the workhorses behind the global transit of products.

The sizes of containers were not standardized in the past. Stacking problems and inaccurate container load estimates resulted from this. Not to mention the hassle of loading and unloading boxes of varying sizes onto trucks and ships. To our relief, those times are passed.

How Big Is a Typical Shipping Container?

Each 20- and 40-foot (6.1- and 12.2-meter) versions of the standard ISO container are available at Usedconex. Freight including equipment, grains, paper, and electronics is often sent in these containers. In addition to the 20-, 40-, and 40-foot high cube sizes, we have made available a smaller 10-foot version. Below, you’ll find the standard sizes for such containers.

20-foot Container:

When transporting products of any type, the 20-foot container is often the one of choice. Due to its more manageable size, this container is frequently requested. Ports that don’t have sophisticated lifting equipment may still utilize it since it’s simple to load and unload from ships. It’s also useful for travel between different modes like roads, trains, and ships.

The 20-foot shipping container has an interior length, breadth, and height of 5.9 meters (19.4 feet), 2.3 meters (7.8 feet), and 2.3 meters (7.8 feet). The empty container weighs around 2,300kg (5,071.5 lb) and can carry a maximum of 25,000kg (55,126.9 lb) of cargo. This 20-foot container has a total cubic capacity of 33.2 m3 (1,172 cubic feet).

40-foot container:

A regular 40-foot container is another option for shipping. This larger box is like the big brother of the 20-footer, except it’s twice as long. Have something that won’t fit inside a 20-foot truck? Do not be concerned; we will share a little-known fact with you. For just around 20% to 30% extra, you can have twice as much room in a 40-foot container.

Standard 40-foot containers have an interior length of 12.03 meters (39.5 feet), a width of 2.3 meters (7.9 feet), and a height of 2.3 meters (7.9 feet). There has a Payload capacity of 27,600kg (61,200 pounds), and the empty container weighs around 3,750kg (8,268.8 lb). This 40-foot shipping container has a total cubic capacity of 67,7 cubic meters or 2,389 cubic feet.

40-foot High Cube Container:

Just like the standard 40-foot container, the 40-foot high cube has the same width and length but is higher in height. This kind of container is ideal for shipping bulky or oversized things that might otherwise need many boxes. Or if you’re merely looking to maximize your load capacity.

The interior length, width, and height of this 40ft HC are 12.03m (39.5ft), 2.4m (7.9ft), and 2.70m (8.10ft), respectively. There’s room for a payload of up to 28,600 kilograms (63,052 pounds) within a container that weighs around 3,900 kilograms (8,598 pounds) empty. This 40-foot HC container has a total cubic capacity of 67,7 cubic meters or 2,389 cubic feet.

Our drivers evaluate each container before it is picked up to confirm that it is in the same condition as described on Used Conex’s inspection sheet and that it meets all of our specifications. Usedconex has a wide variety of shipping containers for sale or rent.

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